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Hello! We are higher education professionals based in the Midwest who have almost 10 years of combined experience across several functional areas and institutional types. We love the transformational work we do with students and colleagues as they transition to, through, and out of their degree programs. From workshops and webinars to one-on-one coaching, we want to help you become more empowered on your career journey! 
 - Brittany & Derrick



Brittany Collins, M.S.Ed

A proud first-generation college graduate, Brittany began her student affairs journey in 2011 as a first-year peer mentor at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, where she received her B.A. in psychology. As a result of her passion and success in serving students, she switched her path from clinical psychology to student affairs. Upon graduation, Brittany attended Indiana University-Bloomington for her master's, which sparked her interest in career coaching for undergraduates and professionals alike. Continuing the journey, Brittany joined DePauw University full-time during her graduate program increasing her skills in career development, grant management and study abroad. Now, she serves students of all ages across her home state of Indiana at the Commission for Higher Education. Brittany is a huge proponent of internships and the power of networking, which she directly attributes to securing her professional experiences thus far. During graduate school and as a professional, Brittany has contributed to the field through various national presentations and publications. To find balance, Brittany enjoys collecting passport stamps, bargain hunting, attending concerts, brunching, Instagram and reading books. Her core is that everyone deserves to live out their full potential through equitable support and resources. That drives her to do "the work" everyday.   



Derrick Robinson, M.S.

Derrick is a true Hoosier from Indianapolis, Indiana. Derrick is passionate about social justice, diversity and inclusion, and advocacy work. His start of his journey was at Indiana State University for six years, where he found his passion with technology and education. Derrick received a B.S. in information technology and then received his masters in student affairs and higher education. Derrick is a practicum-based practitioner. He learns by doing. During his journey his has worked at places such as Ivy Tech Community College, Yale, U.C. Berkeley, DePauw University, Indiana University, and several other institutions. Derrick also loves side-hustles and entrepreneurship. He has worked with Starbucks throughout his educational journey and has learned the value of business and ethics. Derrick plans on working on his doctorate in the near future. Outside of work, Derrick is passionate about self-care, boundaries, and family and friend time. Derrick loves to run, take care of his house, and enjoy blogging/social media to connect with others. Derrick believes that everyone has a story to tell, and they should be able to tell it comfortably.  Opportunity matters for everyone!



Virtual and In-Person Sessions Available



Derrick and Brittany both have worked in highly regarded career centers, and also keenly understand how difficult the #SASearch process can be for recent graduates and newer professionals. We can help you polish up applications and coach you through practices for stress management and self-care.


Whether it's a conference session or a classroom takeover, Derrick and Brittany have delivered engaging and informative sessions across the country in-person and through video chats to emerging and seasoned professionals alike.


Navigating your career shouldn't put your down. We want to help you feel affirmed in your search.


"Self-care isn't selfish (it is a gift to all concerned). You can't serve from
an empty vessel."

Eleanor Brown



Workshops and webinars must be booked at least 45 days in advance.

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